Kenmore Elite Dryer Troubleshooting F2 Error

by onestop on May 29, 2013

The Kenmore Elite dryer comes in gas or electric and with features such as a steam cycle, moisture sensors, lower-heat technology, wrinkle guard and an LCD touch screen. The touch screen allows users to make cycle selections and start and stop the dryer, but it also displays error codes if something has gone wrong. The F2 error is one such possible error message.

  1. F2 Error

    • The F2 error code typically indicates that something has gone wrong with the dryer’s electronic controls. This may either mean that one of the keypads is stuck or that the electronic control interface is experiencing an error.


    • One of the first things to do when a F2 error code appears is to perform a simple reset. To do this, turn the dryer off and disconnect power to the dryer. Wait 30 seconds to one minute, restore power and turn the dryer on. Choose a new dryer cycle and push “Start” to begin. If the error code does not return to the display, the reset was successful and no further action is necessary.

    Stuck Keypad

    • It is possible that one of the keypads on the control panel has gotten stuck due to residue or debris on the display. Disconnect power to the dryer and use a clean, damp cloth on the keypad, wiping away any dried detergent or other dirt or residue that might be causing the problem. Wipe the control panel with a dry cloth before restoring power.

    Service Needed

    • If the reset and cleaning of the keypad do not clear the F2 code, service may be necessary. This is because the interface control may need to be replaced. While some owners with some technical expertise might be able to perform this repair, it is most likely something that a Kenmore technician or other qualified expert should do.

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